Connecticut Baptist Homes, Inc.
292 Thorpe Avenue, Meriden, CT 06450
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“The seed that germinated and produced Connecticut Baptist Homes, Inc. was nourished by the success of Pierce Memorial Baptist Home that early demonstrated to Baptists in Connecticut that it was providing a much higher level of care for our elderly than could secular, profit-oriented homes”.

Richard Hutton, Board President, 1987

In January of 1978, The Reverend Gordon Swan and the members of the First Baptist Church of Southington agreed to launch an effort, with other Baptists in Connecticut to “establish a facility for housing and care of our dear older friends.” Rev. Ralph Sequine of Pierce Memorial Baptist Home gave his enthusiastic support. Persons from other American Baptist churches in central Connecticut joined the Campaign of Growth of ABCCONN (American Baptist Churches of Connecticut) granted $3,000 to help. They soon discovered that the establishment of another home for the elderly was beyond the capabilities of a single church and appealed to twenty-three American Baptist Churches in the central Connecticut area to join the Southington committee. A group of fine dedicated people responded, met regularly, served diligently on committees, tramped acres of property searching for a site, studied fund raising options and looked at the many types of elderly facilities and levels of care. In 1980 they incorporated the Connecticut Baptist Homes, Inc. and employed National Housing Ministries, an affiliate of the American Baptist Convention to assist the committee. Working with Richard Ogrean, well known in CT Baptist work they met Mrs. Mills, the owner of the Mills Manor Convalescent Home in Meriden. At a time in her life where retirement was inviting she was seeking new ownership that would preserve and build upon the fine reputation she had established. A loan from the American Baptist Churches of Connecticut financed the purchase of Mills Manor on January 1, 1983.

For the next fifteen years a number of dedicated individuals continued this mission until the doors of Connecticut Baptist Homes, Inc. opened in December of 1993. The record reflects monthly board meetings with committee meetings and assignments in between. They deliberated and labored in pursuit of this project often encountering obstacles, delays and frustration often making it difficult to measure progress. In 1989 the accomplishments were notable beginning with zoning approvals, a Certificate of Need from the Commission on Hospitals and Health Care, a vote to finance construction through tax exempt bonds issued by the CT Development Authority and engaging Herbert J. Sims to develop the program, engaging architects, retaining accountants for feasibility studies and all done in the “fine spirit of respect, harmony and friendship.” In 1992 the Bond Purchase Agreement was signed and the construction firm was given the green light to break ground.

The rest, as they say is history. In December of 1993 with the completion of the new building, thirty residents in the original Mills Manor moved into their beautiful new quarters. In June of 1994 the original building was renovated into twenty residential living units. The first major fundraising effort, the Construction Celebration Fund with contributions from 240 individuals resulted in $42,000.

By 1999, it was time to round out the original dream of a four level continuum of care. Connecticut Baptist Homes created a related corporation, namely Connecticut Baptist Housing, Inc., which built “Cedar Ridge” comprising ten buildings containing 38 independent living apartments on the twelve acre CBH campus.