Connecticut Baptist Homes, Inc.
292 Thorpe Avenue, Meriden, CT 06450
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At Connecticut Baptist Homes, Inc., our commitment to our core values
helps us carry out our mission. We put these values into practice each day.

We maintain credibility by making certain our actions always match
our words. We keep our word and are faithful to who we say we are.

We respect the inherent value and worth of each person and we treat
each individual fairly and justly and exhibit non-judgmental behavior.

Results and Accountability
We accept personal responsibility to efficiently use organization resources,
improve our systems, and help others improve their effectiveness.
We are expected to operate with the highest level of ethics and honesty.

We respect each resident’s right to be involved, to the greatest extent
possible or desired, in making informed decisions about his or her health
and plan of care.

Service Excellence
We exhibit personal and professional integrity. We promote and facilitate
quality health care services. We exceed expectations through teamwork
and innovation.

We show unconditional acceptance of each person. We serve as advocates
for the most vulnerable.